Friday, January 24, 2014

The Sun, The Sand And The Salty Breeze

Bikini, check. Towel, check. Wetsuit, check. Surfboard and skimboard, check, check. Fins, wax and leash are on, check. And finally beer, check. after I make sure everything of mine is in the lowlife trunk, I turn my summer tunes on and drive off, do sure every adept who is coming is in the motortruck with a grinning on. Beach day! Always such(prenominal) a immobilize warm day. With the windows d suffer, and the car rolling at 80 kilometers an hour, up and down the hills, the slightest gust of wind comes through the impart windows, cool us off as we enjoy the trounce of the symphony running through our bodies. Hurtles Beach, Rissers Beach, crescent(prenominal) Beach, Backmans Beach, Cherry Hill, Meadow Beach: any nuclear number 16 shore brim is our final destination. The beach, a combination of fair weather, back and waves, defines me and completes my experience. Such a delightful peaceful place, the seaside. I comfort every aspect of it as it is a part of lif e and nature: the slicked cavalry sense, the warm sun, the peaceful ocean and the jazzy waves. It is in my soul and a part of me. Its vibrations drown my worries. The sun heats my body, from head to toes. Its rays dancing on my skin, leaving it golden, and theres no advance feeling than the scorching hot sand tickling my toes as I walk towards the water. It is always such an excitement when the waves that micturate washed up, soak and massage my feet. As my toes sink into the wet sand, I hear the thundering cryptic roar of the crashing waves.The tidy yet easing sound they send creates a sense of relief to me.  Not only does the beach and its surroundings strain to be a magnificent scene representing life, power, beauty and a definition of my true inner self, it besides offers a descriptor of activities that a young earthling manage myself can adopt from. Surfing is by far the one I promote most. The feeling it creates is in-explainable. It is something one must capture on their own in order to fully comp! rehend. locomote inside the membranophone which a wave creates is a breathless experience....If you want to necessitate a full essay, order it on our website:

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